7 Best wool mattress toppers

7 Best wool mattress toppers

The mattress pad is a kind of mattress cover, it keeps the mattress from:

  • dirt;
  • dust;
  • spilled liquids;
  • harmful microbes.

This is a special mattress cover that is easy to remove and wash without problems in the washing machine. It's easier to clean the mattress pad than to pay for cleaning your mattress, spending your time and a part of the family budget.

A good mattress pad perfectly passes the air, is able to hold the heat or give coolness, moreover, just when you need it. But, perhaps, the main feature of this indispensable accessory is that, according to your desires, it is able to change or correct the properties of the main mattress.

The savior of the mattress

Mattress pads are made multilayered, and the top layers are usually made of cotton jacquard - dense natural material. The inner layer of one or several layers of natural or artificial materials will provide the magic transformations of your mattress.

Soft fillers - latex, polyurethane foam, strutto make the surface of the mattress elastic, the coconut coir will add the lacking rigidity to it.

In addition to softening or giving the mattress extra rigidity, the mattress pad can protect it from moisture, prevent the appearance of unwanted microflora inside the mattress. Cotton mattress covers create a pleasant feeling of comfort, they do not electrify. In summer it is cool to sleep on them even in the heat, and in winter they reliably keep warm of your body.

A mattress pad with an interlayer of fine and light merino wool is indispensable for a winter night, providing an optimal microclimate in your bed. Choosing a mattress pad, you just need to clearly know what effect you want to get from this.

Another wonderful transformation that a mattress topper can make is to give your mattress a second life.

Over time, the mattress can lose weight or suffer from excessive childish curiosity. If the damage is not so destructive, it is much more profitable in this case to buy a mattress pad with the help of which your mattress will last for more than one year.

There are many models of mattress covers: made of different materials, different fabrics, and even with different functional purposes. Some can differ in antibacterial properties, antistatic, anti-allergenic, waterproof, others can regulate humidity, optimal microclimate, air exchange .... But if you are a lover of a warm comfortable bed, then you need a mattress pad made of wool, which will warm you, and will provide a lot of useful properties to your body.

Natural wool possesses healthy, living energy and shares it with those who use woolen products. A mattress pad made of wool can be an excellent gift to the closest people, and to everyone who appreciates home comfort and coziness.

Mattress cover made of wool

It is known that a woolen mattress pad not only warms the sleeping place and creates a pleasant microclimate in bed, but also has a curative effect on the sleeping person.

Woolen mattress covers have all the useful properties of natural wool. During sleep, wool secretes lanolin (animal wax), which penetrates the body through the pores and helps to fight arthritis, joint pain, sciatica.

The main features of wool mattress topper

All the positive qualities of the mattress cover made of wool are due to the properties and structure of wool itself. Its main feature is the presence of lanolin in the composition.

Lanolin is a healing wax (fat) with the properties of a natural antiseptic. This substance is perfectly absorbed into the skin of a person, having a curative effect on the joints, skin, muscles and the whole body. In addition, lanolin protects the wool from deep contamination: all the "dirty" particles do not penetrate inside the wool and remain on its surface. So, the mattress stays clean, and so your bedding!

All the positive qualities of a mattress pad made of wool

  • elasticity;
  • dry heat (the wool retains and keeps heat throughout your rest);
  • cleanliness (thanks to the protective inner structure of the wool, the mattress wool remains clean and dry for a long time);
  • constant air circulation (contributes to a deep "airing", which creates the necessary microclimate in bed, neutralizes moisture, harmful bacteria does not spread);
  • negative ionization (positive ions are not natural for the human body, they cause fatigue, pain and sensitivity in the muscles, in the joints, and thanks to the wool positive ions become negative, body strength and health are restored),
  • antiallergenicity (since the mattress cloth made of wool has a deep air permeability, it does not spread mold, fungus, bacteria, it remains environmentally friendly and does not cause allergic reactions);
  • therapeutic and prophylactic properties (recommended for people who often suffer from headaches, toothache, for people with spine diseases, respiratory system, allergies, blood circulation disorders, inflammatory processes in the body).

Rules of care for a wool mattress pad:

As we have already said, the wool is kept clean for a long time and does not require frequent care. But still the question arises:

How to care for a mattress pad made of wool, so as not to harm its naturalness and utility?

How to wash it, clean it? Everything depends on the level of dirtiness: it can be easy and deep.

Light contamination

Cleaning is as follows: take special care product for wool, dilute it in water with a temperature of 30 degrees, foaming and clean the contamination with a soft sponge.

Hard-to-remove stains

It can also be handwashed in water with a temperature of 30 ° C and with special means, or it can be washed in a washing machine using the program "for wool".

After washing, it is easy to wring out the mattress topper, hang it for drying, but do not iron! As you can see, nothing complicated!

Caring for a mattress pad made of wool:

  • Ventilation 2 times a year,
  • hand wash in water with a temperature of 30 C,
  • machine wash using the "for wool" mode,
  • use only special products that contain lanolin,
  • horizontal drying on a flat surface,
  • use of professional dry cleaning in case of heavy contamination.

The use of mattress toppers made of wool

Mattress pad made of wool gives a lot of properties: they are ecological, absolutely hypoallergenic, antibacterial, ventilated, durable and very useful for the human body because of the high content of the already known substance - lanolin.

Wool contained in mattress topper has medicinal properties, it helps to improve health if you suffer from arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, gout, osteochondrosis and muscular disease, as wool has warming effect and useful biological properties, improves blood circulation, does not contain microorganisms and is tightly attached to the body. Specialists consider  natural wool as a "dry heat", it is elastic and due to the peculiar texture it remains clean for a long time, absorbs moisture well.

Below, there is a rating of the best wool mattress toppers in the market:

Buy a mattress pad made of wool right now, so that tomorrow you can feel the improvement of your condition or  take advantage of an amazing product with prophylactic purposes. It will quickly warm you in the cold season and you will not feel any discomfort any more.

You can choose one of the presented mattress toppers with confidence as they were already tested by a lot of users who gave positive feedback:

Best Wool Mattress Toppers Reviews

Organic Merino Wool Mattress Pad

Organic Merino Wool Mattress Pad

The model is one of the most purchased nowadays. This mattress pad is made of high-quality merino wool. The mattress pad will last you for a very long time. Merino wool improves sleep, it acts relaxing on the body of the sleeper. The components used are all natural. All raw materials used are environmentally friendly. Such wool mattress pad does not cause allergies. 

Important advantages of this collection are: resistance to deformation, air permeability, high wear resistance. Mattress has the corner anchor bands for fast and comfortable fixing on the mattress. It is recommended for prophylaxis to healthy people, as well as to people suffering from radiculitis, osteochondrosis, broncho-pulmonary diseases.

Wool Reversible Mattress Pad

Wool Reversible Mattress Pad

This model is also very popular among those buyers who prefer natural covers for their bedding. This mattress topper has not only miraculous properties, but also looks like a "golden fleece". Thanks to a natural curl this mattress pad will retain its original appearance for many years.

The mattress pad can be fixed on the bed using anchor bands located in the corners of the product. Mattress pad will guard your sleep the whole night. Wool has a beneficial effect on your body, improves subcutaneous circulation, has a therapeutic effect for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. High pile acts on the skin as a micromassage, relieves muscle and nervous tension, helps to completely relax.

Deluxe Wool Mattress Topper

Deluxe Wool Mattress Topper

If you are seeking for a quality organic wool mattress topper you can boldly choose this product. Wool has an undeniable therapeutic property. It does not allow the occurrence of various allergic reactions, prevents many diseases, and creates the necessary comfort. When you wake up on this mattress topper, you will feel vigorous, like after a cup of refined aromatic coffee. This effect is achieved due to the special properties of wool and smoothness of the pile.

It does not cause allergies, promotes air circulation, does not absorb odors. This mattress pad can be repeatedly washed without losing its original qualities.

Wonder Wool Mattress Topper

Wonder Wool Mattress Topper

This mattress topper with natural woolen filler has a beneficial effect on the body, helping to combat the pain symptoms in the back. Due to the properties of woolen filler to absorb, the use of the woolen mattress pad creates a warm and dry microclimate in the bed. Environmentally friendly, natural materials used in the manufacture of these collection of mattress covers will make your sleep calm and strong, having a beneficial effect on health.

Important advantages of this collection are: resistance to deformation, air permeability, high wear resistance. This model is machine washable.

Sleep & Beyond Wool Mattress Pad

Washable Wool Mattress pad

Presented to your attention mattress cover made of wool has a lot of advantages. It is quite warm. Sleeping on it is especially pleasant in the cool season. Delicate wool filler of the mattress pad will make your bed very soft and surprisingly comfortable. This collection is fully hypoallergenic.

It should be noted that sheep wool is absolutely ecological. It perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, so the mattress pad will always remain dry. In addition, it relieves static stress, which is also important for health. With the help of the anchor bands this mattress pad is easily and comfortably attached to the corners of the bed, this makes it very convenient and practical to use. The mattress pad can be easily washed. 

Organic Wool Mattress Topper

Organic Wool Mattress Topper

Thanks to woolen filler of this mattress pad blood circulation and metabolism improves. The body breathes - since the wool has millions of air bubbles between the villi, it maintains a constant temperature.​

​The woolen filler of this mattress - a warm, light and soft material. Do you sweat a lot during sleep? This model is a perfect option for you! Wool contained in the mattress absorbs moisture from excessive sweating with perfect ventilation. The structure of the wool allows you to keep the natural heat as long as possible and protect you from overcooling or overheating. Your sleep will be as comfortable as never before with this product!

Pure Wool Mattress Pad

Pure Wool Mattress Pad

A futon is an excellent choice for those who prefer minimalism, practicality, and convenience. This comfortable futon is good for solving the most unusual tasks and will necessarily fit into any interior. The mattress is very comfortable and compact, so it is suitable for almost everyone. You will certainly appreciate the affordable cost of the model, which will save the family budget.

Components of the filler are absolutely safe for any person. It is characterized by elasticity, hygroscopicity and heat resistance. This mattress made of wool eliminates fatigue, stress, and anxiety of badly sleeping people. It does not accumulate dust and does not allow the development of microorganisms. The material of the cover is made of high-quality fabric. It is very wear-resistant and pleasant to the body.

Having studied the properties and features of mattress toppers made of wool, you can once again emphasize their usefulness, the ability to make your sleep warm, cozy, comfortable and healthy! Make the right choice, take care of your health!

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