11 Cool black mattresses for your home

11 Cool black mattresses for your home


What do you think about hearing the word "designer"? Something expensive? About something rare, exclusive? About something very beautiful and unusual? Yes, in some cases all this is true. But what about designer mattresses? What are they? Where to buy them? Let's find the answers together.

What is a designer mattress?

Do you feel the difference between a beautiful bedroom and a comfortable bedroom? A lot of people would have chosen the first option. Such aesthetes would have put everything for the sake of beauty, grace, and harmony.

It is necessary to accept that the desire for beauty is in every person. Pragmatists most likely would prefer convenience and functionality, explaining this possibly by the fact that at night all this beauty is still not visible, and when you sleep, then even more so.

designer mattress

However, designer mattresses combine the beauty and convenience. At the same time, they are made not for the museum, but for practical daily (nightly) use.

Elegant models from our rating vividly confirm this:

Cool Black Mattresses for your home

Epic Furnishings

You can buy an orthopedic mattress or orthopedic latex mattress in a refined design. The cover of this accessory will not be made of standard materials. It will be unusual, such as you want it to be. In such a product, the manufacturer deviates from the accepted norms in terms of size and shape. Even the inner filling may be different from its standard "brethren".

Those who produce designer mattresses do not consider that only a "label" should be beautiful, because if the product has a chic appearance, then its internal filling must also be chic.

What do design mattresses consist of?

As it was already mentioned, latex mattresses can be bright and unusual. This time-tested material is a gift of nature, capable of making your dream truly beautiful, calm and deep. Prepared in a special way coconut fiber, gives rigidity to any sleeping place, including designer products, helping to keep its original shape for many years. Among natural materials that make mattresses a work of art, there are:

  • 100% SHEEP WOOL
  • THERMOFIBER (specially processed wool)

Synthetic fillers of the highest class can also enhance the comfort of exclusive beds. Among them we can mention:

  • Memory Foam
  • Memory Flex
fillers for black mattresses

These are materials with an amazing ability to adapt to the sleeper, literally adjusting to every inch of his body and a person can feel as if it is enveloping him.

These exclusive models combine the best ideas and solutions. Among other things, this applies to the spring blocks used in such products. Block Pocket Spring in its various modifications perfectly merges into the overall harmony of designer mattresses.

Orthopedic mattresses which we present to you in our post meet first of all such requirements:

  • Convenience;
  • Increased wear resistance;
  • Orthopedic and anatomical effect.

But a good mattress should also look beautiful and please the soul. Design mattresses will amuse your aesthetic receptors and tune in a positive way!

Do not be afraid to stand out from the gray mass. Be bright, not like everyone, starting from your worldview to the mattress in your bedroom!

Best Black Mattresses Reviews

Essential Coil Black Mattress

Essential Coil Black Mattress

This unusual black mattress is included in the exclusive collection of the Signature Sleep manufacturer. This mattress is multifunctional. It is suitable for different types of beds and sofas. Besides, thanks to the unique design in black color, this mattress will become not only a functional but a stylish addition to any bedroom.

This mattress created for active people has an increased safety and strength. The block of independent springs with increased reliability reacts sensitively to every change in the position of the body, immediately taking the optimal shape and distributing the load. Healthy rest ensures good health and work ability. Tell us, do you no longer feel comfort and relaxation during your holiday? This suggests that you urgently need to change the sleeping place. This model will help you to relax and plunge into the gentle embrace of sleep.

Beautyrest Black Natasha Top Mattress

Beautyrest Black Natasha Top Mattress

At the heart of this ideal black mattress, there is a Cool Plus Fiber, which is characterized by high-quality materials and tremendous durability. Micro Diamond Memory Foam easily takes the necessary shape of the body. Compressed by the slightest movement, the open microcells of the foam filler make the surface of the mattress unsurpassed in terms of convenience and comfort. A stunningly beautiful and incredibly cozy cover made of black fabric promotes healthy rest and complete relaxation of the body.

Impeccable orthopedic properties and excellent operating characteristics make this branded black mattress incredibly popular among people who prefer the most comfortable conditions not only for serene sleep but also for hot nights in the arms of loved ones.

Simmons Beautyrest Black Giada Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Black Giada Mattress

This chic mattress from the enchanting collection is perfect for loving couples. Thanks to the unique materials that form the basis of the design, the model has the highest comfort and stunning support. Surprisingly soft, but at the same time, a uniquely resilient exclusive black mattress will perfectly withstand even the most extreme loads on the surface. Te harmonious combination of layers of innovative materials with natural characteristics, allows you to have a good rest during sleep. The GelTouch foam block in combination with the Micro Diamond Memory Foam layer makes the mattress surface incredibly soft and supple, providing an ideal support for the spine.

An exclusive comfort of this black mattress is provided by the use of the latest technologies and luxury materials of the premium class. Thanks to a stylish cover made of exquisite materials this beautiful and unusual mattress will become a charming highlight of the bedroom interior, and a stunning, pleasant quilted surface will give you an enchantingly pleasing sensation.

Beautyrest Black Calista Mattress

Beautyrest Black Calista Mattress

This magnificent black mattress is characterized by high rigidity. Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology provides a resilient, rigid, superelastic and durable surface that does not sag, bend and can withstand heavy loads. The Surface Cool Plus Fiber gives an amazing elasticity to the product and regulates the temperature. The designer cover fascinates and gives the first-class stylish mattress an incredibly attractive look.

Due to the perfectly balanced composition and incredible properties of the luxury materials used, this black mattress provides perfect progressive support, which easily adapts to any complexion and guarantees the best comfort and perfect rest at any point of the sleeping bed. The night rest on this luxurious firm black mattress will bring only pleasure.

DHP Black Microfiber Futon Mattress

Microfiber Futon Mattress

This mattress is able to perfect any sleeping place. The height of the model is not great, but this is enough to make you feel how the quality of your rest has improved.

This model can be applied in many everyday situations. Simply by spreading the product on the floor, you will create a great place to play for the children. Or maybe your old mattress does not please you with a degree of convenience? Then put on top of the old sleeping surface your new Futon and regain the joy of a quiet, restful sleep. It's nice that the manufacturer always cares not only about the comfortable rest of its customers, but also about their safety at the same time. So, the mattress uses only environmentally friendly and non-allergenic materials.

Springaire Black Futon Mattress

Epic Furnishings Futon Mattress

This high-quality, comfortable medium-hard mattress with high orthopedic properties at a reasonable price is an excellent purchase for lovers of high-grade rest!

A good and continuous sleep for a person is of great importance for his mental and physical condition, so only a quality orthopedic mattress can provide proper comfort and convenience during sleep. This model is the best option for those people who do not have the proper amount of furniture or who need a good sleeping place in the country or nature.

Beautyrest Black Mariela Luxury Mattress

Beautyrest Black Mariela Luxury Mattress

This is a great model, which provides proper support to the body. With the use of the product, rest becomes more comfortable and cozy. Just imagine that every morning you wake up in an excellent mood, full of energy!

The cover of this mattress is made of high-quality material. It is elastic and pleasant to the touch. Fabric perfectly passes air, ensuring the ventilation of the product. As the base of the mattress, the advanced pocketed Coil is used. It is distinguished by its ability to provide an orthopedic support. This ensures a state of complete rest in the body. The tension is removed from the spine and muscles. Therefore, you sleep peacefully, and as a result you wake up completely rested. Latex and memory foam gives the product softness and comfort. It provides the body with good anatomical support and perfectly repeats the smallest features of the structure of your body. Therefore, the rest is so nice and cozy. 

Mozaic Black Futon Mattress

Mozaic mattress

A futon is an excellent choice for those who prefer minimalism, practicality, and convenience. This comfortable futon is good for solving the most unusual tasks and will necessarily fit into any interior. The mattress is very comfortable and compact, so it is suitable for almost everyone. You will certainly appreciate the affordable cost of the model, which will save the family budget.

​For a full sleep, you need a mattress made of high-quality materials using the latest technologies. These are the mattresses of Mozaic manufacturer.

Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Mattress

Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Mattress

This mattress of the Beautyrest Black manufacturer embodies the high quality, durability, and originality of design solutions. At manufacturing, innovative technologies and the newest equipment are used. The filling consists of safe, environmentally friendly materials. They guarantee this model an orthopedic and anatomical effects.

The fabric of the top layer of the mattress is elastic, natural and dense, providing an excellent quality of sleep. All materials are selected in such a way as to provide reliable and accurate support of the spine and at the same time relieve pressure on the soft tissues of the human body. Combining Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology and Micro Diamond Memory Foam with a high degree of elasticity ensures the gradual adaptation of the mattress to the body and its excellent support in the right position. It perfectly performs its direct functions, providing a delicate comfort, refinement, unforgettable comfort and a serene sleep on the royal mattress.

Beautyrest Black Katarina Luxury Mattress

Beautyrest Black Katarina Luxury Mattress

This brilliant mattress is included in the collection of elite models. Quite tall, royally beautiful black mattress will provide an amazing, incomparable pleasure with stunning comfort. The premium quality of the materials used in the mattress guarantee an elite comfort and impeccable hygiene. This stylish black mattress is made on the basis of innovative elastic materials. They provide the product with optimal stiffness and excellent anatomical effect. A high degree of elasticity excellently tones the body and perfectly removes tension, while maintaining impeccable support for the vertebral system.

This mattress embodies the naturalness and soft comfort, gives a feeling of delicious tenderness and softness, while the base of the model remains elastic and firm. Elegant black cover from a natural thick fabric of this quality black mattress provides an incredible quality of sleep.

Black Floor Foam Mattresses

Futon Mattress

This stylish ottoman-bed is made in Japanese style, where special attention is given to functionality, compact dimensions, and thoughtful design in the black color.

Surprise your guests with a mattress-transformer, which without difficulty, and just a couple of movements turns from a comfortable chair to a perfect sleeping place. The uniqueness of this mattress is that it does not need to be rolled and put on the mezzanine or in the closet.  With just two movements, the sleeping mattress turns into a comfortable ottoman, on which you can sit, play, watch TV, spend time with friends. It perfectly complements the interior of the room and easily transforms. Compact size perfectly fits into the interior of small rooms, living rooms, and villas, and will be a great addition to any country house.

Designer mattresses in black will make your bedroom not only the coziest, but also the most stylish place in the house.

Modernity, emphasizing individuality. The goods on the list, first of all, covers and filler, are created in ultra-trendy style. The collection of these mattresses is for those who follow the fashion novelties, who have non-standard ideas in the arrangement of interiors and the ability to embody them in everything.

 black mattresses

Who will like the mattresses from this collection?

  • These mattresses are for self-confident people, who stand firmly on their feet and who love to receive everything from life.
  • They will be appreciated by people for whom adrenaline and drive are not just empty words, whose life is full of interesting and exciting events.
  • The mattresses of this collection are suitable for young people - stylish, daring, they turn the bedroom into a place of active "fighting"!

Both women and men will surely like it!

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