11 Best heated mattress pad reviews

11 Best heated mattress pad reviews

Today it is extremely important for the time spent sleeping to completely restore the forces spent during the whole day and prepare for new feats.

heated mattress pad

​What will provide a useful and full sleep for a person? Of course, in the first place, there is properly organized and equipped sleeping place. Not the last role in this scenario is given for the mattress.

​Probably everyone had to wait a long time to sleep because the body could not get warm even under the blanket.

​From a medical point of view, the state of cold is a stressful situation for the body, what in the future can lead to diseases. A heated mattress pad is a modern and useful invention, providing ideal conditions for sleeping.

​Today, in any specialized store, a selection of modern, high-quality products with heating function are available: blankets, pillows or sheets.

What is a heated mattress pad?

​A product of small thickness, inside which there is a special heating element and a temperature control sensor.

The product is very simple in use: just lay it with a sheet, use the sensor to set the temperature and enjoy a comfortable, pleasant and restoring sleep throughout the night.

​The folded mattress pad is very compact. In addition, the undoubted advantage of an electric heated mattress is the economical consumption of electricity.

To make the top layer of the mattress, natural fabrics, mostly cotton, are used. The lower layer is made of a heat-resistant material, which ensures the heat supply evenly over the entire area.

The device is equipped with a special control unit. The degree of heating of the individual sleeping areas is regulated by means of the buttons. Timer, protection against overheating, ventilating effect, other functions are provided in the latest models of heated mattresses. To connect the "heat", just insert the plug into the socket and set the desired temperature.

The functionality of this original home appliance makes it popular. Thin, easily folded if necessary and transported. Upholstery is durable and reliable. A wide choice of colors.

How it works

To enable the heating function, simply connect the product to the network. In the complete set with the goods there is the wire long up to three meters, therefore difficulties with connection will not arise.

The main part of the construction is a heating element, which is represented by a wire covered with a layer of silicone. The cable that is inside the product is made of an alloy of chromium and nickel. Such material is distinguished by its durability and allows considerably increasing the service life of the mattress. Silicone retains its shape when heated and thus performs an insulation function.

heated mattress pad

Modern models are equipped with additional features and options. For example, an additional control unit allows you to adjust the degree of heating of the mattress in its individual sections.

Heated water mattresses

It is necessary to mention water mattresses with heating. The process of heating of such products is accompanied by a calming gurgle of water and the feeling of wiggling on the waves.

Such products are often used in modern fitness and spa centers. 

Massage mattresses with heating

Massage is an excellent method of restoring strength and activity. Many scientists and specialists are working on the development of special systems and programs.

In many specialized shops, mattresses with heating and massage function are in demand. The importance of such beds for people with back pain is hard to overestimate.

Massage mattresses with heating

They are installed in the treatment rooms of hospitals, massage rooms of beauty salons. Ordinary people can also afford to purchase a mattress-massager and enjoy a full, restoring rest during sleep.

Electric surfaces not only relax the muscles of the back, they regulate the metabolism of the body, activate blood circulation, massage rheumatic joints. You can set the program so that the entire surface of the bed will vibrate unevenly, processing only the necessary parts of the body:

  • back;
  • neck;
  • arms;
  • legs.

However, it should be remembered that such a massage mattress has a number of contraindications, so before going to the store and buying the product, you need to consult a doctor.

How to choose an electro mattress?

What should you look for when buying an electric mattress?

  • size
  • material
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Auto power off function
  • Adjustment of heat zones

Pay attention to this function when buying an electro mattress. On a double mattress, each of the spouses can adjust the comfort temperature for himself. Single mattresses, as a rule, are divided into three heat zones. What makes it possible to warm one part of the body.

Who should think about buying a heated mattress?

Such a product is necessary for everyone, but the electromassage can cause a special interest in the following categories of people:

  • Young mothers and their babies, who are definitely not frozen during sleep or playing on the floor.
  • People who suffer from various inflammatory processes, colds.
  • Those who have problems with blood vessels.
  • People suffering from joint pain and heavy muscular stress.
  • Lovers of country holiday.

Strengthening the will power is impossible without a sound sleep. Therefore, those who want to lose weight, give up smoking or start controlling the use of alcoholic beverages, it is recommended, first of all, to regulate their night rest, get rid of insomnia with the help of a heated mattress.

Advantages of heated mattress

pluses of heated mattresses
  • A positive effect on human health is to eliminate the symptoms of such diseases as: insomnia, stressful situations, pain in the spine, sciatica, osteochondrosis, asthma.
  • In addition, you can influence the muscles, relaxing them, activate blood circulation in the vessels, improve posture, fill the tissues of the body with oxygen.
  • The mattress with heating function is very compact, so it can be easily stored in any convenient place. In addition, you can surround yourself with extra comfort on trips and on vacation.
  • For the production of each model, only environmentally friendly materials that do not cause any allergic reactions are used.
  • The set includes a remote control that regulates the temperature level. Thus, the degree of heating of the article can be controlled.

Everyone wants to live a healthy life, buying vitamins, healthy foods, attending fitness halls. Few people recall the important component of a healthy lifestyle - a healthy sleep. A good sleep is a reliable way to get rid of stressful situations and relax.

Choosing one of these electric mattresses you will provide yourself a comfortable sleep in the warmth. A mattress with heating is an indispensable thing for those who need to relieve stress and muscle pain. It will help you relax.

In our review there are heated electric mattresses of different companies which are the most popular on the market nowadays. Electro matresses that are presented - absolutely safe, do not consume a lot of electricity.

We advise buying an electric mattress for those who have bad central heating, people who suffer from rheumatism and for those who simply appreciate the warmth and comfort.

Best Heated Mattress Pads on the Market

Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad

This mattress is a micro climate complex designed to warm the bed. The mattress is useful in cold weather. The mattress heats up to a temperature of 18 to 48 degrees. Each user can adjust the heating temperature for his comfort. The control is carried out by means of a remote control panel. During operation, the mattress does not create air currents, so the user can not catch a cold, as it can occur in the case with the use of fans and air conditioners.

Features of the device:

  • Does not dry the air in the heating mode;
  • Convenient remote control;
  • Auto power off function;
  • It is economical during work;
  • Creates a microclimate for each user individually;
  • It is convenient to wash - the mattress does not contain electrical elements.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Micro-Plush Electric Heated Mattress Pad


This electro mattress with a cover from a high-quality and supportive Micro-Velour fabric is created to warm up of a bed and makes your sleep cozy in a cold season. Built-in overheat protection helps to escape the breakage of the product. The heating of the mattress stops automatically after 10 hours. Therefore, you can not be afraid to fall asleep and somehow suffer from overheating of the mattress. The product is supplied with a convenient control unit. Using the heating modes, you can select the desired temperature. Micro-Plush Electric Mattress Pad is ideal for the whole family, helps keep warm in the cold and relax after a hard day, provides a comfortable sleep.

Features of the device:

  • Ultra-soft cover from high-quality fabric does not cause allergies;
  • Overheat protection;
  • Auto power off function;
  • It is of different sizes suitable as for one person as for a couple;
  • The mattress can be easily washed;
  • Two separate heating zones.

Electrowarmth Heated Mattress Pad

Electrowarmth M60Fd Short Queen Dual 2 Controls Heated Mattress Pad

This mattress with electric heating is for comfortable sleep in cool rooms. It is convenient, and most importantly it can regulate the temperature of heating. You will be protected when there is a low temperature in the room. Several modes of operation will give you the opportunity to exploit the mattress in the chosen mode.

This model is a great product for people who are always freezing in their sleep. It is not necessary to put on a coat and it is inconvenient to wrap yourself in a blanket, you can simply turn on the electro mattress and sleep well.

Features of the device:

  • High-quality fabric;
  • It has two controls, so each person can chose the different heat mode;
  • The mattress can be easily washed;
  • It is easy to store and transport.

Serta Damask Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Serta Damask Stripe 233-Thread Count Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Mattress Pad

Electro mattress Serta Damask is one of the leaders in the market of electric mattress pads. It is available in different sizes, so it can be bought as for one person as for a couple. The mattress has two sections, each of which can be heated to the required temperature. It is very convenient for two people to relax - everyone can choose the optimal regime for himself. For this, the mattress is equipped with dual-mode switches with a control indicator.

Features of the device:

  • Two independent heating sections with separate control regulators - for the comfort of each of the sleepers.
  • Overheat protection;
  • Auto power off function;
  • The material of the mattress is of high quality;
  • Washable.

Ultra Soft Plush Heated Mattress Pad

Ultra Soft Plush Heated Mattress Pad

This manufacturer of heated mattresses is quite popular on the market as it produces high-quality devices.These electro-mattresses are designed for your comfortable rest and sleep. Already in 15-20 minutes after switching on you can lie down and you will be warm and dry. To protect against overheating, a thermal fuse is installed on the heating element in each electromotor. The upper fabric of the electro-mattress is made of high-quality material which is non-allergic.

Features of the device:

  • It does not cause allergies as the material of the mattress is of good quality;
  • Overheat protection system;
  • Built-in auto power off function;
  • The mattress can be easily washed;
  • It is easy to use and store.

Serta Luxurious Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Serta Luxurious Sherpa Top Low-Voltage Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Serta electric mattresses are made of environmentally friendly materials and are absolutely safe to use. The antiallergic material inside the electric mattress keeps the heat well. Even after turning off the electric sheet, your bed will still be very warm and cozy for a very long time. Also, it has an additional thermal sensor to protect against overheating.

Features of the device:

  • Non-allergic materials are used;
  • Overheat protection;
  • Auto power off function;
  • You will not feel the availability of wires as they are ultra thin;
  • The model is presented in different sizes suitable as for one pperson as for a couple.

Soft Dobby Stripe Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Soft Dobby Stripe Electric Heated Mattress Pad

This electric mattress-heater is an indispensable thing in your home. It will help to warm up quickly after cooling, it will be useful during illness. This model of electro mattresses will perfectly help in the treatment of various diseases, take care of you and your loved ones.

The mattress will become an irreplaceable source of heat for you because sometimes you have to deal with heating problems in cottages and country houses, what negatively affects a healthy sleep. The mattress will give health and bring warmth to your home. On cool days, with an electric mattress, you will feel the pleasant warmth of the bed and immerse yourself in a world of comfort and coziness.

Features of the device:

  • It is impossible to feel wires inside the mattress as they are very thin;
  • Over-temperature protection for safety;
  • Auto power off function;
  • It is of different sizes suitable as for one person as for a couple;

Biddeford Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Biddeford 5902-908221-100 Electric Heated Mattress Pad

This mattress with heating function is absolutely safe to use. The special structure allows you to maintain the desired temperature at any point of the mattress, and accordingly your bed. Its length will allow you warm most of the bed.​

A large number of regular customers and positive feedback on this product prove the quality of it and its popularity. To buy an electro-mattress of Biddeford producer means to provide your healthy and pleasant sleep!

Features of the device:

  • Overheat protection;
  • Auto power off function;
  • It is available in different sizes;
  • The mattress is machine washable and easily cleaned;
  • It has a zipper bag with handles for convenient transportation.

Sunbeam Vertical Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Vertical Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

This model has a lot of positive reviews from those people who have already tested it. It is made of high-quality fabrics and has a lot of useful features. 

It is especially recommended for people who often stay overnight in their country houses. This heated mattress is absolutely safe in everyday life, it can be used even in children's bedrooms. Protection from overheating and different temperature regimes minimize the risks of misuse, and modern technologies make the product effective and safe.

Features of the device:

  • Ultra-soft cover is very cozy to sleep on;
  • Pre-heat function warms your bed before bedtime;
  • 10 hours auto power off function;
  • Availability if different sizes;
  • Machine washable.

Sunbeam Premium Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam All Season KING Premium Heated Mattress Pad

​Such heated mattress is a solution that uniquely and qualitatively combines two important components - health and new, rational technologies that create convenience. If we add here the affordability of the price of the good and the ease of use, it is obvious that this product is very popular among various groups of consumers today.

The mattress is suitable for heating in a home. It has a thermotherapeutic effect, which stimulates blood circulation, softens the pain.

Features of the device:

  • 100% cotton cover (quilted);
  • It is protected from overheating;
  • 10 hours auto off function;
  • The mattress can be easily washed;
  • Two separate heating zones for comfortable use.

Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad

Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad

This electro mattress is made of modern materials. It will become a worthy attribute of home life, a useful and indispensable element in the country or in distant travel. Inexpensive, easy to use, reliable and high-quality - this electric mattress - is a vivid example of the rational use of innovations in everyday life.

It is possible to set heating of three different zones. Each of these zones has 10 heat settings for a comfortable sleep. ​

Features of the device:

  • Pre-heat function warms your bed before going to sleep;
  • Overheat protection;
  • Auto power off function;
  • Machine washable and dryer safe;
  • 6 separate heating zones.

That was the top list of the modern heated mattress pads presented on the market. After a hard day in a cool bedroom with fresh air you quickly warm yourself on a warm bed and fall asleep. You may not cover with a duvet, it will be comfortable even without it.

Modern mattress with heating relieves stress and helps to restore strength even in a short night. It also dries the bed linen after sleeping.

Product Reviews

The reviews of those who purchased such a useful devices show that people got rid of chronic fatigue and forgot what the morning irritation and stress are. Heated mattresses with massage function especially are in great demand in salons and clinics, providing comfort to their visitors.

I was advised to buy an electric mattress. As a whole, I'm happy with the results. The bed heats up in 15 minutes. The drawback is that it requires two sockets to use it. Each side of the double mattress is heated separately.


Recently, relatives gave the heated massage. We were very pleased with the gift. Children often like to throw off the blanket while sleeping, but now I do not worry that they will freeze. The temperature is regulated and everything is very safe. So, do not be afraid, buy.


Several years ago I bought a heated mattress. It is simple, convenient, safe. It is easily folded, does not take up much space.


Do not neglect the advanced heating appliances, as there is an opportunity to become a happy owner of one of them! Get reliable and safe mattresses with heating function, and you will never freeze on cold winter nights!

A few tips at the end:

  • Check the quality of the item before buying.
  • In electro mattresses there must be a temperature controller.
  • Pay attention to the warranty. Any self-respecting manufacturer will give you a minimum of 1 year warranty.

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