Mattress sizes table with US dimensions

Mattress sizes table with US dimensions

People spend more than a third of their life sleeping, and the general health of a person and his mood largely depend on comfort sleep. We pay much attention to our appearance, buying fashionable things and shoes, but much less often think about those necessary things that give us hours of convenience and sleepy bliss. This, of course, is a mattress, which we will talk about today.

Mattresses are not a deficit in our market, of course - practically in every supermarket or shopping center, there is a department with mattresses for every taste. But a quality mattress, from high-quality natural fabrics, despite the abundance of offers can not be found anywhere. Or the prices for it cause a lot of questions.

It would seem that such a banal question of choosing a mattress on the bed can confound anyone who is not very competent in this matter. When choosing this product should take into account many factors. This includes:

  • the quality of the fabric
  • the choice of filler
  • but an important factor is also the choice of the right size

An inexperienced person might think:

What is the difficulty with choosing a right mattress? You are just to measure the bed and choose the same size mattress.


But you do not go around with a tape measure, and besides, there are several rules for choosing the right size of the mattress.

The size of the mattress is a question that needs to be determined in the first place because the mattress should fit the size either for the existing bed or for the carcass that you plan to purchase with the mattress.

  • The sizes of mattresses can be various, and while choosing the size it is necessary to consider the following factors:
  • the number of people who will sleep on the mattress (there are single or double mattresses);
  • the height and body type of people (there are mattresses with a length of 75 inches and 80 inches, and the width varies from 30 to 70 inches;
  • the parameters of the room for which the mattress is bought, and the place where the bed will be placed (sometimes even 3 inches play a key role, so it is necessary to measure everything in advance);
  • availability of suitable sets of bed linen: pick up the mattress under the existing bedding, or purchase new sets.

Recently, more and more people have opted for orthopedic mattresses. The sizes of these mattresses can be different. There are certain standard sizes of orthopedic mattresses, while many companies also produce non-standard products.

It's good that you asked this question in advance! Because no matter how high-quality was the mattress - if you make a mistake with the size of at least 2 inches, it will cause a lot of inconveniences! A too big mattress will start "hunching" and slide off the bed, and a small one will crawl back and forth all night.

Therefore, before choosing a particular model, it is important to determine what sizes of mattresses are generally in nature. And, of course, you should measure the length and width of the bed or sofa with a tape measure in advance.

  • Length of the mattress
  • Width of the mattress
  • Height of the mattress

The universal length of the mattress for any height is 80 inches. Such mattresses are good for tall people.

If your height is not more than 70 inches - it will be comfortable for you to sleep on a mattress with the length of 75 inches. Doubt? There is another size in between - 77 inches.

There is only one important rule: the length of the mattress should exceed your height by at least 5-6 inches.

A properly matched mattress will perfectly fit into the perimeter of the sleeping place, both in length and width. Each characteristic of the product must comply with the parameters specified in the technical passport of the bed, this applies to the thickness of the mattress too.


1. Measurements are carried out along the inner perimeter of the bed.

2. It is not necessary to take measurements from an old mattress since during using of the product it can be deformed.


It can cause some difficulties in those cases when the bed has irregular dimensions and shape. In fact, sometimes it would be desirable to bring some variety to a life and, for example, to take a mattress of any unusual form. But basically, all products are made strictly rectangular in shape and with standard sizes. In this case, you need to contact the factory, which can make a mattress to order. As a rule, such a service is offered by most furniture factories or ateliers.

An individual order has certain advantages. First of all, you can choose the filler and upholstery in accordance with personal preferences. You can decide if the mattress should include springs or it is better to avoid them. But the main thing is the original form: rhomboid, oval and any other.


Fortunately, almost all the new furniture, mattresses and pillows are already sold in standardized sizes and there will be no problems with the selection of a mattress for your bed.

Standard sizes of mattresses

Note: Some manufacturers specifically make beds larger or smaller than the "standard" size. Be careful! Although having a handmade bed may seem intriguing, then you will get trouble finding appropriate bedding.





39” x 75”

Twin is for one person. It will suit for a child most likely.

X-Long Twin

39” x 80”

Twin XL, as it can be seen from the picture above, is for a taller man.


54” x 75”

Full size mattress is for one person who likes a lot of free space.


60” x 80”

Queen - a double bed. But for large and well-fed or people who like a lot of free space, this bed does not fit.


76” x 80”

King is a double bed for a couple of people which is the widest in the classification.

California King

72” x 84”

California King - a little shorter than a king size mattress, but longer again for tall ones.


twin size

Twin size mattress can be considered as a single sleeping place for one person only. This mattress can be used for beds in children's rooms or rooms for guests. Such mattresses are narrow and fit into the rooms of any size. If you have two children, a twin size mattress can be also used for bunk beds.

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  • Overall dimensions of Twin size mattress: 39 "width x 75 " length
  • Width for one person: 39 "


> Such mattress is a perfect variant for not big bedrooms. It will fit easily into small sized beds as it has a small size.

> Bed sheets for twin size mattress are the cheapest in comparison with other sizes and are available in a wide variety of options.

> It can be easily moved due to its small weight and size.


> The standard size of this mattress can be too short for many adults.

> ​It might not fit for very tall teenagers even.

Twin XL mattress is another variant which is suitable for a single person. It is only 5 inches longer than the standard Twin size mattress. It can be used for beds in hotels, dormitories or for guest rooms. This variant is perfect for tall teenagers.

  • Overall dimensions of Twin XL mattress: 39 " width x 80 " length
  • Width for one person: 39 "


> A long length of this mattress is suitable for tall teenagers and also will fit adults.

> But this mattress is as narrow as the standard model.

> It can be easily moved due to its small weight and size.


> The standard size of this mattress can be still too short for many adults.

> ​It can not be used for couples.

Note: What is "standard" is sometimes changed by some manufacturers. Before you go shopping to buy mattress and bedding, find out the exact dimensions of your bed.


Queen size mattresses are 21 "wider and 5" longer than single beds and are 6 "wider and 5" longer than a double bed. Although this extra width and length will help to get a good night's sleep, every adult still has a 9 "smaller width than if each of them slept in a single bed. Queen size mattress is good for small bedrooms and is a good choice for young couples who like to cuddle up to each other.

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  • Overall dimensions of Queen sizemattress: 60 " width x 80 " length
  • Width for one person: 30 "


> Choosing Queen size mattress gives 2 adults more free space.

> Additional length (5 inches) is enough for most adults.

> Sheets are easy to find and they cost less than for a king size double bed.


> There are only 30 inches of personal space for each person. It can be too narrow for a couple of adults to sleep.

> Some bedding is sold as "Queen size", but in fact they do not match. Be attentive!

Comparison of Full and Queen size mattresses:

Full size mattresses are wider than Twin and Twin XL mattresses. Full mattresses are designed for lovers of spaciousness and comfort. They are perfect option for a person who sleeps alone. It can be also used for couples but it leaves only 27 inches of sleeping space to each of the two adult people. Most adults will prefer to buy a Queen size mattress because of its bigger size.

  • Overall dimensions of Full size mattress: 54 " width x 75" length
  • Width for one person: 27 "


> This mattress fits into small rooms with medium-size beds.

> The model is perfect for one short sleeper.

> Sheets are cheaper than for double models (queen or king size mattresses).


> Many people think that a full bed is too narrow and short for 2 adults.

Any of these sizes fit in a normal room, but many couples believe that a full or queen bed are certainly too narrow for anything more than just a night's sleep. Such bed gives everyone a little more freedom, still not taking up too much space in the room. So, let's consider the bigger sizes of mattresses:


california king mattress

California King size mattress is quite wider than Queen size one and a bit longer. We can say that this is the longest mattress available on the market of standard size mattresses. California King mattress is the best choice for tall people and for people who prefer to have a lot of free space. Very high single people can sleep on it diagonally and do not feel uncomfortable themselves.

Important point: If you decided to purchase a large mattress, you should estimate the availability of space in the room before buying, and it will also be superfluous to make measurements of doorways and the width of the staircase (if the apartment is in a multi-storey building).

  • Overall dimensions of California King mattress: 72 " width x 84" length
  • Width for one person: 36 "


> California King is wide enough for two persons and is the longest available mattress.

> Its extra length is relevant for tall people.


> This large mattress is very heavy for moving, especially on stairs in narrow hallways or in small bedrooms.

Comparison of King and California King size mattresses:

You will receive the same number of personal space, as well as in two single beds if you will choose King size mattress. Really, if you tried to move two Twin XL beds together, they would be the same size as a King size bed. But although it is 4" wider than California King mattress, it is a bit shorter. If you are to choose, what mattress would you personally prefer? There are different points of view...which mattress is better as both has their own advantages and common features.

  • Overall dimensions of King size mattress: 76 " width x 80 " length
  • Width for one person: 38 "


> As the widest available in the shops, King size mattress is the most comfortable for two adults. 80 inches of length is enough for most people.

> Its extra length is relevant for tall people.


> Because of its size, the mattress may not be practical for moving it. It is difficult to lift up through narrow, meandering hallways and small rooms.

> The bed can be short for very tall people.

> Bedding for such mattress is the most expensive. A wide bed requires at least 3 standard or 2 large pillows, what certainly increases the cost.

King and California King size mattresses will be the best variants for couples who value free space and comfort. The mattress King or California King can also be recommended for families with small children as they like to go to their parents' bed, wake up them and to have funny morning time together.

Note: Some bed producers do not adhere to the established "standard" sizes. So, before buying a mattress and bed linens, you are advised to measure your bed.

Our mood depends in many ways on how well and efficiency we sleep. And it is very offensive to feel broken and dull in the morning when you try to sleep a proper time. This happens if the mattress was not properly matched.

Buying new bedroom furniture, we look first at how it will fit into the room. And do not always take into account the size of the place itself for sleep, although this is no less important. To begin with, remember in which position you are most used to going to bed. Those who like to sleep on the stomach or back, obviously need more space than lovers to sleep on their sides, putting their hands under the cheek. And the older a person, the more personal space he wants to have, including during sleep.

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