Serta iComfort reviews

Serta iComfort mattress reviews (Top 8)

Serta is the leading American manufacturer of high-quality mattresses for comfortable sleep and rest. Long-standing traditions of quality, high-tech production process, innovative development of Serta specialists with participation of world authorities in the field of sleep (such as the National Sleep Foundation of the United States) allowed Serta mattresses to win the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers in America and Europe. The history of the company counts more than 80 years of successful development.

Innovative technology in the series icomfort

This series of mattresses was aimed to prevent overheat of the memory foam in the nighttime. Today, the method used to generate such commodities is considered one of the most innovative, involving a quantity of groundbreaking peculiarities. This is a high-end item that meets the demands of the most sensitive users who want to have the right support without overheating.

Serta icomfort mattresses reviews

Peculiar properties of icomfort lineup

Technical innovations

Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam

Memory material, which is part of the foam, serves to achieve 3 goals: pressure reduction, smooth support of the back, maintaining a comfortable temperature.

EverCool Plus Memory Foam

Foam, featuring a viscous elasticity, is made of open cells, provides support to the spine, normalizes the temperature regime.

Deep Reaction Memory Foam

Such a filler can be found in luxurious models or very hard mattresses. The filler consists of a foam that differs from the conventional models of a stronger component. So, this foam guarantees quality to a level above than its soft competitors.

TempActiv Technology

The design consists of 2 parts. The first part is a gel with foam, including a lot of gel balls. They are aimed to normalize heat in tandem with another layer of gel. Such components are designed to remove heat and dispel it, much like to perform proper support.

Ultimate Edge Foam Support Core

The polyurethane backing layer, which has a reinforced edge, helps prevent rolling. If we are talking about hybrid items, then these are produced using Duet Coil springs, a special technology for placing spring coils, providing excellent support and convenience.

Cool Action Gel Memory Foam

This material, elaborated by Serta, includes tiny balls of gel and is used as a good support, reducing tension from the spine, heat dissipation. This includes EverTemp technique, which enhances the effect of thermoregulation and humidity.

PillowSoft Foam

This foam filler is part of the comfort layer, it is super soft and designed for shock-absorbing support.

ActivBalance Support Foam

The design, reminiscent of a box for eggs, is a layer of polyurethane foam with gel. This design is produced to increase the sensitivity of other layers of foam. And also increases air permeability.

Air Suspension Technology

A resilient layer of polymer that serves to increase air permeability and create elastic support despite the existence of viscoelastic layers of foam. Strengthened edges reduce problems with rolling

Multiple Firmness Options

The iComfort line is available in various degrees of rigidity so that any buyer can choose the right option. The combination of various memorials and polystyrene foam will give various sensations.

Interoperability with an adjustable bed

The entire range of iComfort can be used to work with Serta's adjustable beds. You can adjust the position of the sleeping berth under any slope so that you can comfortably rest in any position where appropriate.

As a rule, regulated bases require matching mattresses to operate in tandem, and to work together they require compatibility testing, which takes a lot of time for the buyer. With iComfort products you do not have to worry about the ideal ratio of a bed and a mattress, since both these components are produced by one manufacturer.

The trial period of usage

The manufacturer of mattresses Serta generously offers you a 120 day trial period, during which you have the opportunity to test and inspect the mattress. If it does not suit you or do not like it for some reason, you have every right to return it back. However, the minimum number of days that must pass from the moment of purchasing a mattress is 30 days.

The warranty term

Mattresses from a well-known American company are manufactured with a 10-year warranty. Serta is confident in the quality of the goods produced by it (all models undergo a strict control program) and is liable for their commodities. Therefore, the warranty period is rather big.

Nonetheless, it is worth paying attention to the thing that the return of the goods is made only if there are any defects, and not because you are not comfortable sleeping on the item because of improper rigidity, for instance. To determine the required hardness of the model, there is a trial period of use, which is mentioned above.

So be careful when choosing a hard or soft model and memorize that after a while the mattresses become a bit softer.

Quality certification

Using the icomfort products, you can not worry about your health and the environment around you. Serta's goods include CertiPUR-US certified fillers, which means that the products do not contain harmful substances.

Moreover, the icomfort line won the Consumer's Digest Best Buy awards for 6 consecutive years, as well as the Women's Choice Award, which once again emphasizes the environmental friendliness and convenience of the used feedstock.


Choosing a mattress from the line of icomfort, you can be confident that you will find a suitable option as among the samples, there is a choice of several hardness options that include in their composition both pure foam and hybrid variants. You have a great chance that you will pick up the support you need, convenience, and coziness.

Before purchasing a mattress, read the many reviews (mostly positive) about Serta's products and go ahead for shopping.

The suppression of movements and temperature

Being executed by their viscoelastic foam, the iComfort model perfectly suppresses motion. And if your choice fell on a hybrid mattress consisting of pocketed springs, then this model is also characterized by point elasticity. So you can not hesitate to buy Serta's items, especially if it is so important to you that your partner does not interfere with your turns on the bed.

In some models, you can find reinforced edges that will save you from rolling away.

Unlike the standard mattress with foam memory, the iComfort line uses TempActiv, which is a cooling material. This fact makes a dream on such mattresses cooler and without overheating.


The lifespan of iComfort models


Although iComfort models involve high-quality materials, one can find negative comments about the appearance of sagging after some time after purchase. This can be due to a comfortable layer, which consists of a memory foam. Although the composition of instances includes viscoelastic foam, it can not guarantee 100% durability of the commodity.

For heavy people, it makes sense to pay attention to models with a spring block and always read reviews about the product before buying.

Best representatives of iComfort lineup


Savant III Plush Mattress

The comfortable stratum of this sample is accomplished with EverCool Plus foam, and the commodity includes Serta PillowSoft Foam and EverFeel Triple Effects. The plush bed is attached to several layers of viscoelastic foam. This design does not permit the instance to overheat, as evidenced by the affirmative comments from customers.

For proper support of your torso, the basis of this item includes polystyrene foam. And the existence of layers of foam form a neutral position of the back.

A lot of consumers are satisfied with this commodity for the relaxation effect they receive during the rest. However, it should be noted that for too heavy customers such a commodity will not last too long, since sagging can occur due to the existence of a memory foam.

Comfort Level

There is no overheating.

Connvenient, good support.

Not durable.


Hybrid Applause II Firm Mattress

This hybrid sample will give you an amazing sensation from the spring unit and splendid support due to memory foam. This is an excellent option for those who are tired of the usual spring hard beds but wants to sense a certain hardness to ease a backache.

The upper layer is made of FireBlocker fiber and polystyrene, which ensures a feeling of softness. The stratum of comfort is thin, nonetheless, it is sufficient to give the mattress rigidity. It is accomplished with foam and EverFeel Triple Effects Gel Foam, which gives a contouring.

The supporting layer includes 952 pocketed coils that are covered with polyfoam. It is due to them that a feeling of rigidity is created. Buyers highly value the product for its ability to reduce pain in the spine.

Comfort Level

Appropriate hard support.

Fireproof quilted cover.

Low-density foam is used in a minimum amount.

Acceptable price.



Hybrid Expertise Firm Mattress

This product is similar to the Applause II item with a bedspread layer that is characterized by a flame retardant fiber, as well as a soft foam. However, this item in its composition has a 1.5-inch PillowSoft Foam layer, which implies an increase in the rigidity of the bed.

A comfortable layer is made of a combo of a triple-effect memory foam and Serta Support Foam. This layer implies depreciation.This is followed by 1008 Duet Elite pocketed coils, enclosed in polystyrene foam. Due to them, appropriate support is provided.

It is needful to accentuate the affair that the upper layers contain a lot of low-density foam, and sagging may occur over time. Therefore, people with a large body weight should draw attention to other models.

Comfort Level

Spring with marginal cushioning.

Cover of fire retardant quilted fabric.

A large amount of low-density foam, which reduces the service life of the goods.


Foresight-King-Matset Mattress

Now you may forget about sleepless nights with Foresight. The special feature of this product is the thing that specially designed layers of foam with gel are combined in such a way as to ensure splendid support. Convenience and stress relief is provided by using Ever Feel technology.

And in the warm season, such material as Cool Gel Memory Foam and Evergem Technology will not permit the commodity to warm up, which means you are guaranteed a cool rest. Also, you do not have to worry that lying on the edge, you may roll off the bed.

With the technology of Ultimate Edge Foam Support Core the beds are strengthened and will keep you from rolling away. Fillers from the gel create the necessary support and prevent overheating of the body.

Comfort Level

Prevents from overheating.

Advanced, gel-infused fillers.

Reinforced edges.



F300-King-Matset Gel Memory Foam Mattress

One of the most innovative models of memory foam, which has great support and convenience. This is the golden mean for those who need something in between a hard and soft instance.

The existence of a double layer from EverFeel Triple Effects and PillowSoft creates strength. A proper hardness of the sample is attached to the system SmartSupport Memory Coil. The support stratum is made of memory foam and is rather high.

Comfort Level

Necessary hardness with contour support.

The presence of spring coils increases the exploitation layer.

High price.


Blue 100 Gentle Firm

Feel all the advantages of the Blue 100 Gentle Firm model, which has foamed TempActiv gel. The product is able to support every millimeter of your corpus while cooling the commodity and removing pressure from the points of the spine.

A good air flow is created due to the availability of EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam, so that air easily penetrates into the sample and prevents heat accumulation.

Comfort Level

Excellent breathability.

Support the entire torso.




To create this model, the latest technologies in the manufacture of memory foam were used, which gives the model a feeling of super lasting goods.

The combination of TempActiv Gel Memory Foam and EverCool Fuze Memory Foam allows you to feel the cooling convenience by providing support for your torso. A layer of Deep Reaction Memory Foam will give a deep feeling, similar to models with ordinary foam. Sleep peacefully with iComfort Blue Collection.

Comfort Level

Cool feeling all night.

Pressure relieving support.



Guidance-Queen-Matset Mattress Set

Your back will say thank you because sleeping on such an instance is a pleasure. Several layers of gel foam are designed in such a way as to give maximum comfort to your spine. Micro Support Gel keeps each bend of your torso, while Ultimate Edge Foam Support Core allows you to grow on the entire model and not roll off it.

Quiet rest to you is provided due to the existence of cooling Cool Action Gel Memory Foam. Evergem technology does not allow warmth to accumulate, thus your dream will become fresh and cool. Spot support is created by Micro Support.

Comfort Level

Fresh sleep during the night.

Reinforced edges protect against rolling away.

Maximum support for the torso.

High price.

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