Sleep science mattress reviews


South Bay International is a company that has released a line of mattresses called Sleep Science. The vast majority of products are made from memory foam, but there are products made of latex.

Let's get acquainted with some of the positive aspects of these models:

  • Wide choice of size range and cost. You can choose a mattress based on your preferences and your budget.
  • The trial period of usage. The company values its customers, so it's ready to give time to test your chosen model to make sure that you have found exactly what you need.
  • Suppression of movements. Since most models are made from memory foam, this material has the property of perfectly smoothing the movements. Now neither you nor your partner will feel his constant coups on the bed.

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Sleep Science Specifications

The company South Bay International has released various models of memory foam and latex goods. Each product differs in its composition and peculiarity. You can see the data in the table below.

Mattress Model


Dream 8" Cal King Memory Foam

viscous memory foam

Natural Latex Split-King Mattress with Adjustable Base

2 layers of natural latex

Multi-Zone Mattress Topper

standard air-flow foam

Big Sleep Ultimate memory foam mattress topper

hypoallergenic memory foam

Best Sleep science mattress reviews

Dream 8" Cal King Memory Foam Mattress

A tender and smooth surface is provided to you with a model of viscous memory foam. Such a filler adapts to your body, reducing pressure and ameliorating circulation. Great support is generated through a basic foam.

The top layer of the model is an elastic foam of the memory material of Slumber Tech and a stratum of open air cells. The basis is done of Support Tech foam. Because of open cells, air circulation takes place, which ensures a convenient temperature.

This model has a bamboo finish. Such a cover is cool to the touch and serves as a natural capillary. All materials that make up the mattress are hypoallergenic and are able to withstand the accumulation of dust.

Natural Latex Split-King Mattress with Adjustable Base

This model is a latex mattress, which naturally creates an excellent sleeping place. 2 layers of latex are completely natural and elastic, guarantee proper supporting.

Latex is famous for its breathable material that has no equal. Thus, it preserves heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Such material is tender but at the same time has the ability for a quick recovery and good support.

Covering of the model is done of 37% organic cotton, does not include harmful chemicals. Also, in the coating, you will find wool and flame retardant fiber.

The Natural Latex model is a natural and luxurious dream.

Multi-Zone Mattress Topper

This model with 4 zone support includes air foam that promotes airflow, which leads to a convenient and healthy sleep.

4 supporting zones evenly apportion the mass of your body to the points of supporting for the head, shoulders, trunk, and legs. The light weight of the mattress (only 2 feet) allows you to easily move it if necessary.

Big Sleep Ultimate memory foam mattress 1.5-inch topper with cover

This model has a removable cover made of velour. If necessary, you can remove it and clean it. Memory foam, from which the mattress is made, is absolutely hypoallergenic.

This model guarantees you a sound sleep without unnecessary movements. And the ight weight will allow you to take the mattress on the road without much effort.

Performance of mattresses

As already mentioned, the line of mattresses Sleep Science is ready to offer its customers models of memory foam and latex that meet the needs of the consumer. Hardness and efficiency depend on the specific model, nevertheless, in their properties, the memorial materials and latex completely correspond to their parameters.

Supporting level

The filler done of memory foam and latex in the presented models guarantee the necessary assistance regardless of your weight. You are able to purchase the product with either conventional memory foam or with a higher density.

Service life

How long this or that model will last depends on the property of the materials that make up the composition. The level of memory foam solidity, for example, largely affects the longevity of the product.

Suppression of movements

Many buyers note that the commodities of the line of Sleep Science are characterized by good isolation of movements. It is for this property that these models receive high consumer ratings.


When you unpack the mattress, there is a tangible smell. However, the company assures that it must take at least 24 hours for this smell to disappear.

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