Westin heavenly bed mattress review 2017

Stretch out on the bed of Westin Heavenly Bed and immerse yourself in a restoring sleep, so divine that you do not even want to get up. Since the Heavenly beds were first put into operation in 1999, they gave a deep quiet sleep to millions of guests and were named the industry's leading innovation. A good sleep is vitally important for both mental and physical health. That 's why Westin developed every detail of Heavenly beds in such a way as to provide an excellent sleep - from crisp white sheets with a weave density of 250 threads per square inch to quilts, plush cushions, and specially designed orthopedic mattresses.

Westin Heavenly is a well-known brand in the United States specializing in the production of bed linens, and their mattresses are only for accommodation in the best Westin hotels. However, you can meet mattresses in an affordable sale in some American stores for purchase by other customers. Innerspring models are available in all sizes, from California King to Twin.

Specificity of Westin Heavenly mattress

The mattresses themselves, as well as the well-stocked mattress covers of the well-known firm are made in such a way as to provide comfort, necessary support, and luxury, using soft, plush pillow accessories. Models of this brand are made using pocketed coils, their function is to soften movements, as well as to create a cozy and comfortable bed from a pair of mattresses. The usual thickness of such models is 13 inches, including the pillow top.

Manufacturers claim that their product provides an average degree of alleviation of back pain but this is not its main strength. If you also purchase other bedding from the company Westin, then this set has proved to be much better among buyers as a health care product.

Positive reviews

Accessibility and comfort are the main features for which customers like this mattress. And its average possibility of getting rid of problems with the spine is also highly appreciated by buyers. Still no less important factors for which this model is chosen is the absence of sagging with time and good insulation.

In the responses of potential buyers, you will not find complaints about the presence of any smell, as is often the case with representatives of other firms. Although the upper part of the mattress consists of a rather thick foam, you will not encounter the problem of increased sweating and overheating. It will be convenient for you to sleep on such a bed in any position.

The springs included in the product do not make any noise, which indicates the quality materials and assembly of the goods. Although the design of the model implies no-flip design, nevertheless, in order to extend the service life, it is recommended to turn the mattress from time to time.

Negative feedback

Westin Heavenly mattress has not many complaints. The most common is that this model is made in only one version of rigidity, which for some people may seem very inconvenient. Also, among the negative comments can be seen the fact that over time the mattress loses its former rigidity and becomes a little softer.


It is important to note that Westin Heavenly products are absolutely competitive. Usually the prices for the goods from this manufacturer fluctuate from 100 to 2500 dollars.

Durability and warranty

The manufacturer takes care of its customer and provides a guarantee for its products in 10 years. There is also a return policy, which is 90 days. However, judging by the responses, there were no serious complaints and comments during this period.

Westin Hotel Heavenly Bed Mattress & Box Spring

This brand bed is a real heavenly delight! Firstly, this is a specially designed for this bed high mattress Simmons Beautyrest. Three linen sheets and a completely weightless blanket made of the lightest fluff will allow you to experience the bliss of a serene sleep. In addition, a cozy woolen blanket, a soft feather duvet and amazing soft pillows. Not surprisingly, if you want to go to bed a little earlier, and get up a little later...

Westin Heavenly Bed

Simmons Beautyrests is a well-known company producing mattresses and bedding. This mattress is made in 4 dimensional versions, which means that you can enjoy a luxurious dream on this mattress right at home as if you are sleeping in the most expensive hotel. This model is available together with a soft pillow mattress pad, which creates an excellent feeling. The warranty for this model is 10 years.


Buyers note the softness, plush, and strength of such a product. It is ready to bring you comfort even after 5 years of use. Some consumers compare the sensations of sleep on such a mattress as in the best Westin hotels. Luxury and comfort - this is how the model is remembered by potential buyers. They also note the presence of a sound and healthy sleep on such a mattress.


For some, this model can show to be expensive, others are not satisfied with the rigidity of the mattress, and someone says that the mattress starts to sag after a while. However, we advise you to purchase this mattress and to experience yourself all the sensations, lying on such a bed.

This piece of paradise of some layers was designed and manufactured to ensure Westin guests an excellent dream. This is a special bed for special people like you, providing maximum comfort during rest, necessary for an excellent well-being, which can only provide a good sleep. Heavenly Bed is an orthopedic mattress, feather and down comforters, large pillows, and soft white sheets made of natural cotton.

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