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About the manufacturer

In the distant 1873, Wolf Corporation took care of your dream. For today it is one of the oldest manufacturers of mattresses in the USA.

The biggest plus of this brand is quality items at a moderate cost. It is an innovative company with many years of experience in the market.

At their factories, the Wolf develops his own fillers, which include in the composition of specimens.

Tony Wolf the President of Wolf Corporation

Having bought any model of our company, you can be assured of the quality of the goods because we have 140 years of experience, knowledge, and creativeness!

The table below shows the comparative characteristics of the models of Wolf Corporation.

Wolf best mattress reviews

Lifetone Plush Supreme Mattress

3-year warranty

This is a sample of high quality with a beautiful design. The top is made of knitted jersey, which has a stretch effect, which gives the product a luxurious look. 5-inch filler of crimped foam and above it is a layer of fiber. 2 inches of foam, extra heavy-duty foam, and inner coils provide proper support to your torso. Also, has an extra plush layer.

  • Spring coils.
  • Quilted cover with a twisty foam for comfort.
  • Upholstery of the model is soft.
  • Knitted fabric gives comfort and convenience.

Sleep Accents Illusion Mattress

This sample of the American manufacturer includes a high-profile spring coil. The foam filler has enclosed edges. You can sleep peacefully without worrying about the support that is provided by the Wolf bonded full insulator pad. And the extra cosiness of the mattress is given by the stretch knit cover. The entire spring mechanism is encased in foam, which creates stiffness of the model.

  • 336 spring coils.
  • Firm support.

IDREAM Moon Dance Firm Mattress

5-year warranty

The strength and convenience of this specimen are the presence of a 288 coil system. On the top, the foam of thickness in 1 inch is located. This design gives the mattress the necessary support and convenience.

For your deep sleep answers the top layer of the folded foam. For an attractive exterior, the cover is made of the quilted material, it has soft properties. Bright design of the product will suit any interior.

Possessing sufficient strength to withstand decent weights, the model is characterized by superior firmness. Thanks to the plush product, you will be comfortable lying on it because your weight is distributed evenly over the surface.

Due to the quilted top, you will feel the relaxation, your spine will not bend, you will begin to spin less on the mattress. Thanks to the design of the specimen, it will serve you more than one year.

Wolf Slumber Express Ortho Back Aid Mattress

This specimen ensures support like no other. A high-quality spring coil and luxurious upholstery will give a healthy and deep dream. Characterized as a non-slip design, the product will please you with its excellent surface for many years.

There are a large number of sizes on your choice so you can choose the commodity that suits you to immerse yourself in a sweet dream, from which you do not want to wake up.

  • Strong innerspring commodity.
  • Luxurious upholstery of the best quality.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Convenience along with full foam.

IDREAM Moondance Pillow Top Mattress

5-year warranty

Pamper yourself and feel relaxed and calm. A sturdy construction with excellent support, the presence of a 288 spring system and a quilted cover - this is what this specimen will be remembered for. The packing consists of Sta-rite fiber and foam.

The product design also includes an no-flip surface and a Whisper Shield fiber fire barrier. With this mattress you are provided with a quiet rest.

  • Whisper Shield and No-flip design.
  • Foam Padding and Star-rite fiber.

Composure Hybrid Mattress 

The specimen combines 567 wound coils, whose task is to evenly distribute the body weight, thereby reducing the pressure.

The commodity contains a natural product from latex foam dunlop, which is characterized by resistance to mold, mites, etc. Natural wool, contained under the stretch coating, has insulating properties and fire retardant function. It has an environmentally friendly Cloud Wolf Corporation's foam.

The cover is made of 4 outsided stretch knits, which give comfort, and the enclosed foam gives you a large space for rest.

Legacy Pillow Top Latex and coil Mattress

Excellent plush - so you can describe this product in a nutshell. The pillow top and natural latex foam distinguish this specimen from many others. As part of the mattress, you can also find layers of foam that relieve pressure, and stretch knit quilt for your coziness. The thickness leaves is 12 inches, and the coils are individually wrapped, which creates unsurpassed convenience. These coils are enclosed in a foam.

  • Stunning plush.
  • Natural materials.

Gemini Flippable Innerspring Mattress

Forget about a bad dream with a Gemini mattress. Springs are encased in foam, a stretch coating of knitwear is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about this model. The main materials used to create the product are foam, cotton, and spring coils.

Ortho Double Sided Innerspring Mattress

Ortho mattress will help you relax and gain strength. The average comfort of the model is achieved due to the existence of the 366 spring unit, which is placed in the foam plastic. The comfort layer is located on one side and on the other side of the spring system, and there is also an inner cotton pad, knit cotton quilt, whose task is not only to provide convenience but to maintain the desired temperature.

  • Wide size range.
  • Spring construction of high profile with foam.
  • 2 sides of comfort.
  • Stretchy knit quilt.

Products developed by Wolf Corporation

  • Handmade mattresses. For 144 years, the company has been trying to improve your sleep by manufacturing high-quality mattresses.
  • Futons. This manufacturer did not ignore the futons, which the manufacturer treats carefully.
  • Toppers. If there is a need to replace the old mattress but not enough funds, then the company Wolf is ready to help you. It makes toppers only from natural materials.
  • Fiber commodities. The company carefully approaches the issue of fiber manufacturing, as this material is part of the mattresses of this manufacturer, and is supplied to other companies.
  • Adjustable stand. This is a top class product. Thanks to them, buyers can feel the inexpressible convenience, using a variety of functions.

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