7 Best wool mattresses compared

7 Best wool mattresses compared

Despite the abundance of materials for mattress fillers, there is a proven option for years - it's wool. Natural filler, which has a mass of positive properties, is always in demand among the general population; and it's not accidental!

Even in ancient times, people considered wool almost the most hygienic, healthy and thermoregulating material. Quality mattresses made of wool today are the guarantor of a full-fledged, comfortable rest. Their advantage was appreciated by modern housewives, who take care not only of comfort, but also the health of their family.

What is the use of a woolen bed?

A unique structure of wool fiber allows the skin to breathe. After all, the Swiss doctor Arnold Rikli (the leader of the popular wellness movement in the 19th century) said...

Arnold Rikli a Swiss natural healer

The whole life of man should be a continuous air bath!

Wool provides this. Moreover, it has healing properties:

  • From time immemorial people got rid of dental ache or a headache, back pain, applying natural, unpainted wool to the sore spots.
  • And having tied a wrist or an ankle with a woolen thread, they get rid of pains in a joint.
  • Thanks to the exceptional healing properties of the fiber, preterm babies were quickly restored. In the olden days, premature babies were put into sheep's wool.
12 %
Lanolin content in wool

The fact is that the fibers of natural, unpainted wool (shorn from a living animal and not treated with any chemicals) are covered with animal wax - lanolin, which makes up to 12 percent of the weight of the wool. This valuable substance is specially mined to be used as a basis for cosmetic creams and ointments.

It is impossible to overestimate the useful properties of this natural fiber, so we propose to buy mattresses from sheep's wool and create for yourself a comfortable, health-improving sleeping bed.

Mattresses made of wool

If you use natural wool in your bed, the lanolin contained in natural fibers, with a temperature regime of about 37 degrees, dissolves. It penetrates the epidermis, stimulating blood circulation, effectively affects the spine, joints, muscles. It can remove any pain.

Wool can absorb water, up to 40 percent of its weight, and at the same time remain dry to the touch. And the coefficient of thermal conductivity at it is lower, than at many textile materials. Therefore, "woolen bed" - the warmest and dryest among all the options for warm filling of mattresses.

Different types of woolen mattresses

On sale there are mattresses with wool, in which one side is for winter (with a coating of natural, unpainted merino wool), and the other is for summer, trimmed with cool specially processed silky flax or cotton.

However, it is not necessary to buy a woolen mattress. You can just purchase two mattress covers: from natural wool for winter and linen for summer. Even if the mattress is foam rubber, woolen mattress pad in many respects protects your health from the negative effect of foam rubber.

How wool mattresses are made

Most often, wool in mattresses is located in one of the following ways:

Mattress with a woolen layer on top (woolen fur).

Mattress with a wool layer inside (stitch with wool).

Mattresses made of wool. Why should you buy them?

If you prefer warm bedding, we advise you to buy bedding made of wool, because this material is surprisingly warm and instantly warms in any cold.

In woolen mattresses, there are air layers that allow your body to breathe. The wool contains lanolin, which positively affects your body. It helps to relieve muscle tension, which is so important after a busy day, also lanolin stimulates blood circulation, it helps with osteochondrosis, radiculitis. In addition, if you sleep on a woolen mattress, be sure that it will have a beneficial effect on your spine, joints, respiratory system.

All these positive properties of wool are available to you if you buy a woolen mattress. In addition, the price for it is not so big.

Below, you can find a top list of the best wool mattresses according to buyers' reviews. Products from this catalog are made from high-quality raw materials not subjected to chemical treatments. It is absolutely hypoallergenic, protects against cold and has a long service life.

Wool is one of the most popular fillers for mattresses.It is quite soft and at the same time resilient material possessing the property of accumulating heat, and then giving it gradually.

The price of mattresses from wool is affordable for any customers with different financial capabilities. You can buy woolen mattresses of different sizes, which will fit to any dimensions of beds and sofas.

Presented products, possessing a huge number of exceptional advantages, are quite unpretentious in care.

Wool mattresses will help to create the most comfortable conditions for a sound sleep, a pleasant rest and will please their owners for a long time.

Best WoolMattresses Compared

Pure Echo Organic Natural Wool Mattress

pure-echo natural wool mattress

My Green Mattress is one of the most popular manufacturers in the market of organic mattresses. And this model is the most purchased. Wool and latex layers reduce pressure on the body, what helps to maximize relaxation during sleep. Natural latex takes the form of each bend of your body. Wool - gives the mattress a therapeutic effect: relieves pains in the joints, spine, muscles, improves blood flow and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. The mattress cover is made of organic cotton, which is hypoallergenic, resistant to abrasion and pleasant to the touch.

This is a universal model of a mattress that will suit any person. You will sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up in a wonderful mood!

Medium Firm Latex Mattress

My-Green-Mattress made of wool

This model has practically the same popularity among buyers who prefer natural goods of high quality. Those who appreciate the comfort of a bed above all, we recommend paying attention to this model.

Natural latex form makes an incredibly soft and pleasant, but at the same time perfectly supporting surface. A layer of porous material contributes to a uniform distribution of the load and extinguishes vibrations, so nothing will prevent even the most sensitive sleep. High-quality wool, which is also used as a filler for this mattresses, has a number of unique properties. Being an excellent heat insulator, it is able to create a special dry heat, which has a beneficial effect on the joints and spine during sleep. At the same time, it perfectly retains its shape and elasticity.

Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

If you are seeking for a quality organic mattress with wool filler you can boldly choose this product. Thanks to the structure of its filler, the mattress has a good air permeability. It is enriched with oxygen, and allow the body to breathe during sleep.

The mattresses is able to quickly absorb and evaporate moisture, do not accumulate dust and unpleasant smells inside the product. It is unpretentious in care, very durable and wear-resistant. The use of carefully selected and processed wool completely eliminates the presence of a specific odor in the mattresses. An ecologically clean and natural filler allows you to buy this mattress even for your child. It is perfect for sleeping in the cold season. The cover is made of high-quality cotton fabric.

Natural Latex Mattress with Zipper Wool Cover


Those who prefer a medium firm sleeping place are advised to purchase this item. Lightweight, comfortable, practical mattress made of latex and wool for special warmth and comfort. The mattress cover is equipped with a zipper for attaching to a sleeping place.

Natural fillers such as sheep wool and natural latex foam regulate body temperature and allow the mattress to "breathe". Its main characteristics: does not cause allergies, it is not hygroscopic, flexible, breathable, noiseless, elastic. It has a long service life of up to 20 years. Thanks to such positive factors, this natural mattress can more evenly distribute weight, repeat body contours, relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Boulder Dreamton Green Cotton and Wool Mattress

Boulder Dreamton Green Cotton and Wool Mattress

This woolen mattress is a soft, lush, lightweight model for special comfort. In the manufacture of this mattress natural wool of high quality is used. Before becoming a filler for a woolen mattress, sheep wool is thoroughly cleaned, what guarantees the complete absence of unpleasant odor.

The wool filler used in this mattress is a warm, light, soft and healthy material! The mattress made of natural wool keeps warm during sleep, while at the same time it does not allow overheating due to the good ventilation of the filler. Wool removes excess moisture from the body and maintains a dry, comfortable micro climate. Natural wool contains natural wax - lanolin, which at a temperature of 36-37 C is easily absorbed into the skin of a person and has a curative effect: pains in the joints and muscles decrease, skin condition improves.

Organic Wool Mattress

Organic Wool Mattress Topper

If you used to sleep on the sofa without using a mattress or your mattress is too firm and you want to feel more softness you can try this model of the wool mattress topper.

​The woolen filler of this mattress - a warm, light and soft material. This mattress made of natural wool is very soft. Do you sweat a lot during sleep? This model is a perfect option for you! Wool contained in the mattress absorbs moisture from excessive sweating with perfect ventilation. The structure of the wool allows you to keep the natural heat as long as possible and protect you from overcooling or overheating. The mattress is light and lush, sleeping on this mattress is very nice and comfortable!

Luxury Wool Futon Mattress

wool mattress futon

A futon is an excellent choice for those who prefer minimalism, practicality, and convenience. This comfortable futon is good for solving the most unusual tasks and will necessarily fit into any interior. The mattress is very comfortable and compact, so it is suitable for almost everyone. You will certainly appreciate the affordable cost of the model, which will save the family budget.

Components of the filler are absolutely safe for any person. It is characterized by elasticity, hygroscopicity and heat resistance. This mattress made of wool eliminates fatigue, stress, and anxiety of badly sleeping people. It does not accumulate dust and does not allow the development of microorganisms. The material of the cover is made of high-quality fabric. It is very wear-resistant and pleasant to the body.

Things made of natural materials have recently become very popular. This is not surprising in our time when natural materials are replaced with artificial materials. A special place among natural materials for centuries is wool. Wool is an active material that can absorb moisture up to 35% of its own weight while remaining dry and warm to the touch.

Orthopedic mattresses changed the attitude to the sleeping place towards comfort but did not affect the materials of manufacture. Purchase a mattress or mattress pad made of wool and you will immediately feel the difference.

To date, the orthopedic effect is achieved by various methods, it depends on the materials and manufacturing techniques. Mattresses consist of several layers: a base (filler or spring block), a cover and a mattress pad. Mattresses with wool can be spring-loaded and springless. Which mattress to choose depends on your personal preferences and needs. Orthopedic mattresses with wool will provide you with a comfortable sleep and help to maintain health.

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